Laser Pigmentation


One of the common misconceptions about severe skin pigmentation is that it would go away eventually and clear up without having to go into any kind of treatment in the future. However, those who believe this are completely mistaken.

Yes, pigmentation can and will eventually clear up. However, it will not happen overnight. There needs to be a regular application of various skin care products that are specifically made for these various topical conditions before visible results could appear.

The skincare creams should have strong ingredients such as salicylic acid and other potent vitamins and minerals that can help clear up the skin while decreasing the chances of the discoloration coming back.

There are also many procedures that you can undergo to get rid of unsightly pigmentation on your face or in any other part of your body. Some of these procedures include microdermabrasion, chemical peels, skin whitening treatments and the like.

However, these may be too expensive to undertake on your own. This is why it is important for you to also consider some of the natural ways of getting clearer skin. For instance, drinking lots of water and eating as many fruits and vegetables can help solve the issue without having to go to the specialist

If you go to the dermatology clinic, most of the doctors will also recommend some natural remedies to help maintain the results of any procedure that you may have gone through.

About the Treatment

We have treated efficiently many kinds of skin pigmentation problems, ranging from removing freckles and sun spots to age spots on all areas of the face and body.

Changes in your skin pigmentation are caused by a buildup of melanocytes which are cells that contain melanin beneath the surface of the skin.  These are often called freckles and age spots on the face, body, and hands.  Different types of laser can be used to treat these spots, dependent on the kind of discoloration. If the pigmentation is in surface lesions, then the Alexandrite 755nm Laser Pigmentation Removal treatment is successful at decreasing discoloration in as few as 1 to 3 treatments. The course of treatment will also depend on the part of the body being treated, the type of discoloration, and amount of recovery time desired. Laser treatment is one of the most cutting-edge procedures for removing unwanted skin discoloration such as age spots, sun spots, and freckles.

How does Laser Pigmentation Removal work?

The Alexandrite 755nm produces a beam of light, which is then changed into heat. This focuses on the problem areas as it only affects the cells with a high amount of extra pigment. This causes efficient treatment without causing damage to the rest of the skin.

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