What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is an injection of a number of different compounds such as vitamins, minerals, medications and amino acids that are placed right below the surface of the skin. The chemical makeup of the fat cell is changed with Mesotherapy by preventing the signals of fat buildup and similarly triggering the release of stored fat.

Mesotherapy injections are a safe, surgery-free alternative to liposuction for removing remote pockets of fat. This is also called spot fat reduction, Mesotherapy is therapy in which a combination of compounds are injected into the fat and tissues that make up the central portion of the skin.

Mesotherapy has many uses, including losing weight and removing cellulite. The solution used in our clinic is individually prepared, depending on why it is being used and then targeted into the desired area.

What areas can be treated with Mesotherapy?

The waist, such as those pesky love handles, the outer thigh, stomach area, double chin, upper arm, inner leg, that roll around the bra strap, and buttocks, knees, excess fat around the eyes, or indeed anywhere that cellulite can accumulate.

  • double-chin-removal
    Double Chin Removal
  • Facelift
  • women_cosmetic_clinic_treatment
    Skin Tightening
  • woman_cosmetic_aesthetic_treatment_3
    Micro Needling & PRP


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